How Another Symptom Of The Opioid Crisis Is Taking Over: Have You Heard About Patient Brokering?

How Another Symptom Of The Opioid Crisis Is Taking Over: Have You Heard About Patient Brokering?

Drug Incidents

Recovery treatment centers are a vital part of the recovery process. That is because rehab facilities are what can make or break someone’s attempt to get away from their addiction. For some people though getting into rehab can be difficult.

The United States is suffering from an opioid epidemic. The opioid epidemic is that more and more people are specifically overdosing on opioid drugs. This is scary and dangerous and something that should be 100 percent preventable.

In the state of Pennsylvania, there is a new practice that is starting to infringe on rehab facilities that state officials are actually concerned about.

Patient Brokering And What It Is

Patient brokering is a common occurrence, and it’s something that can really impact rehab facilities. Patient brokering is when someone attempts to solicit a person into their treatment center. It is common for them to have “recruiters” whom they pay to get people to go to their out of state facility.

What this tends to lead to is fraud. Centers will cycle people in and out for treatment so that they can bill their insurance. Billing their insurance gets them money.

You Can Blame The Opioid Crisis

This whole deal with patient brokering is just another side effect of the United States opiate epidemic. Obviously, the more people that there are suffering from addiction then the more treatment centers that will crop up.

More treatment centers shouldn’t be a negative thing because there never seem to be enough places for people who need drug rehab treatment. But the problem is that as always scammers have infiltrated the business. This can be very harmful to people trying to recover from addiction.

There is a common occurrence now that treatment centers are not legitimate and not even have the proper licensing. People with addiction need specific attention and care, and going out-of-state can make it even harder to manage. That’s how they get you.

Out-Of-State Treatment

It can seem like a great idea to go to a treatment center in a state with warmer and sunnier days. Changing the environment is a great way to distract an addict from their past troubles. But it can really be bad if they end up going to the “fake” centers.

This is because addicts need quite a bit of supervision. If all the centers care about are making money then they will not keep an eye on the recovering addicts. This can lead to chances for them to give in to their cravings and sneak away. The centers won’t care because they’re still making money.

People who take care of those suffering from substance abuse should care about them more than they care about turning a profit.

It is essential to make sure you do your research before going to a rehab facility or have a loved one help you. If you end up in a bad situation, it can be hard to find a way out because you are already struggling so much.