Kansas Child Tests Positive for Meth

Kansas Child Tests Positive for Meth

Drug Children Affect Drug Law

The use of methamphetamine remains a major issue throughout much of the United States. It has an effect not just on the users of the drug, but on their families as well, and in many cases can lead to child abuse and neglect.

This was the case recently in Kansas, as two parents have been arrested for suspected child abuse related to drug use. One of the children in the case tested positive for meth, drug officers believe was kept in the parents’ home.

An anonymous call brought police to the house in southwest Kansas. There, they found the mother, as the father had left before they arrived due to a verbal altercation. Officers say the woman seemed to be high on meth when they came. They also say that the house was a disaster and had not been cared for and that the children appeared to have been neglected.

On suspicion of drug use and possession, the officers scoured the house. They found syringes that were likely used for meth and possibly other drugs. These syringes were found near the children. Officers also say that the only food for the children was a box of crackers and cereal.

Children Taken Into Protective Custody

Based on the state of the house and the drugs that were found, the children were taken into police custody and later to a local hospital to receive treatment.

At the hospital, blood tests confirmed that one of the children had meth in their system. All of the children were treated for symptoms of neglect.

Charges Brought Against Parents

Based on the evidence found at the scene, both parents have been charged with drug possession and child abuse. The woman was arrested right after the children were taken to the hospital. The man was later found and arrested.

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