Anne Hathaway Stop Drink

This Celebrity Says She’s Going Sober for Her Child

Drug Children Affect Parents Addiction

Celebrities aren’t always the best role models to turn to for advice on raising children. In fact, they might be the last people many would look to for advice concerning children.

But one parental strategy coming out of Hollywood has recently made waves, and for once, the reaction is positive.

Anne Hathaway said she would not have a single drink for 18 years, focusing instead on raising her son and building a healthy environment for him at home. She will only lift her drinking ban the day her son leaves the house for college.

She claims she never wanted her child to see her drunk since she doesn’t always like the person she becomes when she drinks.  Instead, she wants to build a relationship where her son gets the best from her, every day.

Moment of Clarity

She says her decision came from one night out with Matthew McConaughey and his wife, Camila Alves. Trying to keep up with the couple, she drank more than she usually does and came to regret it. She says she got so drunk that she had to go to her meeting with the director the next day while still hungover, and that she couldn’t remember a single event from the previous night. She barely made it through the meeting, and as soon as she got out, she knew she wanted to make a change.

This led to her choice to skip out on drinking until her son leaves the house and she feels that she’s not making a negative impression on him. She says that he still depends on her every day, so she can’t afford to be hungover in the morning. One hungover drop-off at her son’s school, she says, and she knew that she wanted to be sober.

Hathaway revealed her choice during an interview on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

Should Other Parents Follow Her Lead?

This commitment might be a bit extreme for most parents, and most would be unlikely to make it 18 years without a drink, no matter how much they cared for their child. But it has sparked a conversation about drinking and raising a child that has been positive many says and has put a spotlight on the impact that drinking can have on children.

Parenting While Drunk

Many parents may be aware that their drinking can affect their children, but not realize the extent that even casual drinking can have on a child. Many children, even while young, are good at noticing when their parents’ behavior changes. This can make them uncomfortable and afraid, and they may not know how to respond.

Monitoring How Much You Drink

Although not drinking at all may be unrealistic, keeping tabs on how many drinks they’ve had and how it affects their children is good advice for any parent. Not everyone can be Anne Hathaway, but they can try to follow her example.