Addicted parents exposed by child

Young Child Exposed to Drugs in Arizona Town

Drug Children Affect Drug Incidents

Many drug users not only put their own health at risk but that of those around them. So often, children are the first to be affected when drugs are brought into a home.

That was the case recently in Arizona. A couple from the town of Buckeye has been arrested for endangering a minor by exposing the child to drug fumes on multiple occasions, causing severe health issues requiring hospitalization.

The boy’s father, along with his girlfriend, was charged after the principal at the child’s school notified the police. He said that the child was saying that he had heart pain and couldn’t breathe. The child’s condition troubled him enough that he decided to reach out to law enforcement immediately.

Child Receives Medical Care

The child was taken to a hospital after medical first responders came to the school and thought he needed medical care. The child told police that they were homeless and lived in his father’s car. He also said to them that his father and his girlfriend had been smoking drugs on the drive to school and that this was a common occurrence.

Father Arrested

The father was soon found based on the car description provided by the child. Inside the car, officers found what appeared to be meth, which was later confirmed by testing. The father admitted that he smoked in the car with his child present.

The girlfriend was also identified and arrested by Buckeye Police. She has a prior warrant out for child abuse.

The child continues to recover after leaving the hospital and has been placed in the county’s custody.